Monday, 5 August 2013

Wedding Album Poses - Memories to last forever...

Wedding album is the most important keepsake for a couple. Every couple wants their wedding album to be filled with the most romantic, innovative & beautiful photographs. It's all about capturing a couple's love for each other. Thus, it's a photographer's job to bring the small variations into classic poses. These different styles will bring out the chemistry & warmth that a couple shares Here is something that we thought, should always be a part of the wedding album...

The Classic Sitting Pose
                                    is a must have in any wedding album. The Bride & the Groom have to just sit close to each other, where the bride can wrap her arms around his biceps or the bride resting her head on the groom's shoulder or by both of them slightly tilting their head towards each other. A simple smile on their lips will complete this picture perfect pose :-)

 The Standing Pose
                           unlike the regular stiff body & face expressions... There can be some variations in this classic pose as well. The Photographer can ask the couple to hold hands or the groom can look to the bride when she looks at the camera. The particular variation will add an interesting dash of romance & passion to the wedding album.

The Hug Pose
                    is one of the most romantic & sensuous wedding poses that a couple can have in their wedding album. For this pose, the bride & the groom can stand facing each other. The Groom wraps his hands around the bride's waist as they look into each other's eyes. The Bride can rest her head on the Groom's chest & put her hand on his shoulder. The pose will add a lot of charm & oomph to the album

The Forehead Touch Pose
                   where the bride can tilt her head up & the groom can get his head down so that the foreheads meet, either standing or sitting. A beautiful variation can be ' a kiss on the forehead pose ' where the groom bends to kiss his bride's forehead. Use of interesting lighting & backdrop can add more charm to this pose.

Lift Your Bride Pose
                  will add best moments to the wedding album. A very romantic moment shared by them. In this pose, the Groom lifts his Bride in his arms. They can either look in each other's eyes or share an infectious smile.

We suggest that if possible, a couple should rehearse few poses before their wedding day to get comfortable with each other & the camera. They will prove extremely helpful.

So it's time now to say CHEESE!!

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