Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Best Make Up Tips for your Face Shape

There's one thing a Bride or her family should never compromise on - MAKE UP. No doubt make up enhances one's beauty & make people around them go WOW in just one glimpse. It's a fact that make up does wonders to your face. But this works only when applied correctly, as it is very important to do a make up as per the shape of your face to make the best features stand out.


Oval faces are perfectly proportioned. Almost every type of make up works best on high cheekbones & narrow chin. However it is best to draw attention either on your lips or eyes, but never on both.

Eyes - Try to play with them giving either a smoky look or by applying soft colors such as pale pink, mint green or sky blue. By applying Kohl on the lower lid & eyeliner on the upper lid, it will give you a defined look. Along with that, you can apply mascara to your lashes to give a final touch.

Lips - Keep away from bright colors & go for soft colors such as Rose or Cherry. Do not forget to line your lips. This would add more fame.

Cheekbones - As you have high cheekbones, apply one shade of foundation darker than your skin color. Also, use rosy or bronze color blush in an up sweep motion


Although this shape is considered to be very lovely, as it has feminine, naturally soft, full cheeks & round chin... one has to give angles to make every feature stand out. You can play with softer tones to enhance the features. 
Eyes - Use pure colors from the eyelid to the brow bone. Use softly smudged eyeliner for lining your eyes. Use darker shade of eye shadow on the outer corners of your eye & lighter shades towards the inner part & lash lengthening mascara for your eye lashes.

Lips - Go for soft skin color lip gloss or creamy lipstick for your lips. Those with lighter complexion can go for lighter pink or peach color & those with darker complexion can go for luscious nudes & pure plum color.

Cheekbones - For the hollow on your cheeks, apply darker foundation. Avoid using blush in a circular motion on the apple of your cheeks. Start from your pupils or under your cheekbone to get a balance. You can well apply a peachy pink shade after your regular shade. Use it in sweeping motion on the top of your cheekbone.


If your forehead is broad till your cheeks & pointed at your chin, then you surely have a heart shaped face. Thus, make up has to be applied in such a way that it balances your forehead & chin.
Eyes - Opt for lighter shades in the eye shadow. But when it comes to eye liners, go for darker shades like black, dark brown or navy colors. Apply the eyeliner & eye shadow till the lash line not beyond that. Apply the lash lengthening mascara for more defined & wide eye look.

Lips - Pick any bright color like red or pinkish red. you can avoid lip liners. Classic red is the best red shade for heart shaped faces.

Cheekbone - Opt for neutral mantle blush or pink cream blush to balance your cheekbone. Apply blush slightly lower than your cheekbone & in an upward manner


Those with square shaped faces have a sharp jawline. Their face will have equal width from sides of the forehead & cheeks to their jaw.
Eyes - Use a dark eye shadow from the inner corners of your eyes to the outer side. Go for smoky effect, but with a certain level of  softness. Use dark mascara to give your face an instant glow.
Lips - Use bold & bright colors to give that look away from your jawline. High shine gloss will work too. Use a lip pencil of the same shade. Crimson blues, candy pink & intense plum are colors for your lips.

Cheekbone - To draw attention from your jaw, apply highlighter on the chin, cheekbone & center of the forehead. Subtle blush colors are best for you. Use pink, peach blush or plum shades on the apple of your cheek in circular motion.

So What Are You Waiting For? Pick up your shades & brushes & try according to these tips, according to your face shape for a perfect look...

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