Monday, 24 June 2013

Kaliras - Wishes for a Blissful Married Life

Kaliras are chandelier like ornaments worn traditionally by punjabi brides. These are tied to her bangles or chooda by her maternal uncle.Kalira symbolizes warm wishes and blessings which is generally worn for around 40 days after the wedding day.

Originally, Kaliras were made of shells, coconuts or flowers although modern versions may be made from beaten silver, gold, gold plated metals and beads. They are available in many colors to match the bridal outfits.Once the Kaliras are tied, the bride shakes them on the head of unmarried friends and girls of the family. It is believed, that if one of a kalira falls on one of the girls, she is next in the line to be married.

In today's time Choodas & Kaliras are not only worn by punjabi brides but as a trend, by brides of other casts also. Kaliras are blessings of loved one's and wishes for a blissful married life, therefore used as a decorative element too. You can use kaliras to enhance the beauty of anything - use it in mandap area, stage, in chunri for brides entry, gift hampers etc

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