Monday, 24 June 2013

Music in Indian Wedding

Music plays a very significant role in our Indian weddings. Great Wedding Music creates the right atmosphere and influences the mood of your wedding guests and will ultimately make your wedding one to remember. 

Wedding music and rituals vary from state to state. Each region has folk songs unique to the region. Today, you can choose any type of wedding music you want for your wedding ceremonies. The type & size of group you need for your wedding ceremonies depends on your - ceremony, budget, guest list & venue. Wedding music groups come in all sizes, from one-person band to full wedding orchestras.

Of all the events where you will gather your friends and family to celebrate your marriage, the Hindu wedding ceremony itself will be the most meaningful. For the main wedding ceremony we believe in background music that solely specializes in enhancing the sentiments of your wedding ceremony where the entire music collection is based around the wedding ceremony. Be it the Bride’s entrance, Kanyadaan or Mangal Pheras, play the appropriate Lagna Geet (wedding music) to highlight each symbolic step of the Hindu ceremony.

Today’s weddings have large receptors, where playlists are eager to help you make your wedding music and wedding reception as unique as you are. The idea is to create rich urban fusion, with lounge beats, colorful melodies through the Sarangi, ethnic Rajasthani folk singing with complementing music. The music will be serene enough for conversations to flow easily, and engaging enough to bring out the mood of the night. The music that’s been played at the wedding reception is something that we create during the rehearsals, building a trend of live & pleasing music in Indian Wedding Receptions.

One can also have relaxing instrumental music of Piano, Flute or Guitar with a smooth & inspirational arrangement

Music is perhaps the most universal & sophisticated way to communicate emotions and joys & is absolutely essential in setting the appropriate tone of your wedding ceremony.

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