Monday, 1 July 2013

Flowers punch the 'Pretty ' factor of a Wedding

Wedding flowers are an important accent for your big day, as flowers are the most beautiful, colourful, sacred and fragrant filled pieces which add that needed vibrancy to any occasion  merely with its presence and arrangements.  From bouquets and boutonnieres to ceremony & reception decor, there are so many ways that you can incorporate your favourite flower into your wedding day and they don't have to be expensive

Choosing wedding floral designer, budgeting wedding flowers, deciding on flowers decoration has to be very planned. It requires special attention, as they are going to punch the 'Pretty" factor of your wedding ceremonies and appear in almost all your formal photographs.

Most couples allot about 3 to 4 per cent of their total wedding budget to flowers and decor. Its okay if you don't have much to spend. Most floral designers will be willing to work within the parameters of your budget and suggest smart ways to save, like using full blossom flowers to decrease the number of stems you need.

Tall Centerpiece

Small Centrepiece in most simple and elegant way

First have a general idea of the look you want (lavish, simple, mod, romantic). Next, compile the ideas of the kind of floral designs you like and a color scheme in mind. you could also use floral design details and sync it with all the wedding decor, invitation & stationery, cake, gifts etc...

Its important to consider whether your favourite flower is in season during wedding months. If its not you'll either pay a premium to import the flowers or in some cases, will need to choose another flower instead.

The blossoms you select for your wedding are rooted in rich cultural & historical traditions. - For example - Jaimala, where the couple exchanges flower garlands as a gesture of acceptance of one another and a pledge to respect one another as partners -  Family and friends of the couple sprinkle flower petals over the couple at the end of the ceremony to protect them from evil. Also, according to our Indian tradition, both the bride and the groom sport a floral headpiece... From start to end of an Indian Wedding flowers play an important role not only with decoration but also with the traditional ceremonies of the wedding

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