Friday, 26 July 2013

Photo booth in Weddings - An element of fun...!!!

Have you thought about doing a Photo booth at your wedding? It's definitely a great way to get your guests get up & mingle during your wedding & greatest way to give them an alternative who don't want to dance till the end.

If you're planning on doing a Photo booth in your wedding, think about the style of your wedding, how can you incorporate that into your booth? Perhaps, you want to add in something else that you love. For instance, if you love the mountains or the rich green & yellow fields, then the first thing that hits any Indians mind is the DDLJ backdrop. Another option for a backdrop that could go as a hit can be the couple's photo's & their records.

Infact, having a Photo booth at your reception creates quite phenomena at times. Imagine, lines of guests dressing up in varieties of props & costumes... Ahhh!!! what a sight! All of them, squeezing into the booth & smiling their best & laughing & staggering at each other. With so much buzz about these booths, we had to ask ourselves "Is the wedding photo booth just an element of craze? or is it going to stay in the minds of our guests?

The Booth
You can rent a photo booth or hire someone to set up a traditional booth at your reception, but you can also do it yourself. Your set up doesn't even need to look like a booth! Create one using simple backdrop against which your guests can at least click interesting snaps. Fabric, curtains, streamers, ribbons, decorated cardboards, wrapping papers, fringes or plywood works well with a photo booth. 

The Props
Using props in your photo booth can result in some hilarious or very sweet photos. Some props that works great includes hats, bows, scarves, glasses, masks, silly lips or googly glasses, jewellery, clown hat, funny noses, fans, frames, disco balls etc...

The Poses
Most of your guests will be creative enough to come up with their own set of poses...especially with the female category. But if not, there are ways to inspire some funny poses. You can create a list of poses from where they can pick & choose to act out in their photos...
- Goofy
- Gangster
- Romantic
- Too Cool
- Sexy
- Dance
- Clown
Infact, it all just depends on the props you use!

Go ahead... & try out having a photo opportunity area in your wedding & your guests will surely take good memories back with them...

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