Saturday, 20 July 2013

Wedding Favors

Wedding Favors, meant to thank your guests for attending your wedding, choosing wedding favors is not an easy task. Guests may forget the d├ęcor at your wedding but wedding favors well chosen will be around to remind guests of your wedding for years to come.

The custom of wedding favors in weddings & private events originated from European countries, where the wealthy aristocrats of olden times gave wedding favors to acknowledge each guests for attending their ceremonies.
Wedding favors are the take-home reminder of your wedding, a small object that should bring back all the good memories of your wedding that your guests have experienced.
Lantern with Candles


But how do you go about choose a wedding favor that does not go in the trash as soon as guests get home? Remember, guests are much more likely to keep useful favors than the ones just look nice. Choose your wedding favor carefully; plan your budget before you start looking for one.  If you have a wedding theme, be sure to find favors that reflect that theme. That way, the favors will automatically bring back memories of your wedding.
Theme Based Wedding Favors

We have noticed that homemade wedding favors are much more likely to be treasured by your guests than something ready-made.
Bottle of Honey

Scented Lotions



Style of Packaging

If you choose your wedding favors wisely, your guests will have a wonderful and meaningful reminder of the day as well. Choosing wedding favors can be a lot of fun, so be creative, let your personality shine, and enjoy this part of the process.

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