Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Wedding Food Palette

“Good Food, Good Life”. Every wedding guest secretly hopes for amazing food. Make your wedding meals memorable and have your guests licking their lips. A little menu planning can easily woo your guests.

Start looking for your caterer at the same time as you are looking at venues for your wedding ceremonies as these two aspects go hand in hand. Now a day’s most of the venues have a monopoly in terms of Catering & Decorators. All your five star hotels will manage catering themselves & the rest i.e., Clubs & Gymkhanas  open grounds, banqueting venues will have panel of caterers for you to choose.

In today’s time, caterers have a huge spread of buffet to offer to you.

Breakfast – it’s for an intimate gathering as this is an early event. In fact, it may even be early for late-sleeping to attend. This is an inexpensive option. Now a day guests look at lighter and healthier breakfast options.

Lunch – Quality & simplicity describes this buffet spread. Lunch is still less expensive than dinner. Coolants are a must as lunch time is always warm.

Hi-tea – although this is a delightful spread yet does not provide a full meal for guests because this is a shorter reception

Dinner – the very nature of this buffet spread offers something for everyone. Now a days we have dinner food stations i.e., buffet tables scattered around the reception area, each with a different specialty of food, is a delight.  This style of spread provides a variety for wedding guests to sample foods from each station.  This is the most expensive wedding spread.

Another way to serve your wedding guests is the classic style wedding sit down dinner which gives you the opportunity to have waiters serve your guests. Everyone eats together at the same time; therefore this is a much more elegant option. This option is not at all cheap and guests will also have limited selection of food.

We believe one should first freeze on their ceremonial themes and then design the food menu. Designing the food spread as per the decided theme enhances the elegance of your ceremony & adds loads of fun to the same.

Creating different Food Bars have become a trend, as guests superbly enjoy the same. Also have food bars where the guests get to create their own dish. For e.g. – a fabulous fresh fruit juice bar, charming little biscuit bar with fresh honey, build your own pizza station, fancy grilled cheese bar, build your own taco bar etc…

Take care of small aspects of the buffet spread, like the serving style/ presentation of the food, introduce new food ideas/new dishes or same dishes in new sauces, switch your seating from theatre & round table style, add local & seasonal flavors to the food, make sure you add dishes in different sauces & colored gravy’s to your spread… all this definitely enhances the deliciousness of your wedding food spread..

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